Thursday, November 5, 2009

I hear by swear

That I will try to update this thing more but I just have not had a lot to say well anything anyone would want to hear. You ever feel like you try so hard at something & you feel like once you are one step ahead you feel like you fall back 10 then you wake up one day & say "hey this sucks " but the next day you are back to trying? this is how my life seems right now I know what a uplifting read for you all as a kid on wife swap said ." life is not all rainbows & sausages " & you are so right hilbilly kid from wife swap sometimes like sucks & we just need to say it sucks & move on.


Lipgloss and Razorblades said...

AW sweetie keep your head up! I cant keep up with all of it either! Moms fight a losing battle every day!

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