Friday, December 19, 2008

OH the guilt

I hate my Van it has a Funk to it I swear Manny said i did it but it was their since day 1! & something is wrong with it all the time like now I have a ghost in my radio ( it skips channels all time) & the passenger side back door thing motor is going out i swear >I think i just got a lemon but it runs & i get from point a-point b & it is paid off . so i can't complain too much it is not like all theses things can not be fixed but the car is only 4 years old .But then i have guilt over anything till it makes me sick i think i may have a disorder but will deal with that at a later time .

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Have you ever been haunted by a memorie or a dream it SUCKS ! I will tell you & Whith my weird gift /curse to remember everything it is easy for things to haunt me and not even good memories cause they do not haunt you only the dumb ,bad & ugly .Why is that they good ones we get to only get a glimpse of maybe in a passing dream or flash but the others come on at weird random times , Maybe this is payback for all the dumb crap i do !

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