Friday, January 9, 2009


So we are driving home yesterday from football and of course the kids just happen to not be able to make it the 15 Mins home without eating so i stop a sonic which takes forever so i am just listening to the boys in the back seat when i asked Seth what he was going to do at daddy's work Friday ( Noah & I are going to see LION KING) so it is just Seth and Manny day !this is what i heard

Me: Seth you going to Daddy work Friday it will be fun

Seth : I don't want to go I have no fun

Noah : Seth It is OK Daddy has some toys

Seth : what

Noah:He has some Big Blue Balls Mommy gave him( Racket balls ) but oh so funny i could not stop laughing Noah kept asking what is so funny mom


Becky said...

lol that is too funny!

Angela Hill said...

hahaha. way to go heather, I can't believe you'd give those to manny!!

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