Friday, November 14, 2008


I think I suffer from word Vomit i just can not shut Up ! for real I am so sorry to you all who have to hear me all the time lol. I have not had anything big to blog about in awhile nothing fun or exciting minus the lady @ hot topic who also has a love for my main man John stamos . Martha told me I should write down all my crazy times into a book I might do that one day .Well after i write city of twilight with JEDWARD i am just going to jack twilight & city of bones no biggie .and he will be my Jedward 4-EVA!


Angela Hill said...

you make me laugh so friggin hard!!! I had no idea he had made an album!! thats awesome

Becky said...

I would totally read city of twilight! I want to join the I heart John Stamos fan club too!

Just Jenn said...

If I ever run into John Stamos I will kidnap him for you LOL. Hey I left you an award over at my blog

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