Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deep Thoughts From a Shallow MInd

I have been asking myself some questions for a while now and with no real or solid answers I just thought perhaps I would just run them by you all.

#1 At what age did shaving my legs become such a chore? I even have Black Magic cream ( it smells like cool water mixed with old spice ) and that takes to long .I swear sometime My Legs look scary not prickly catus but like fuzzy animal ( i admit it )

#2 Since when did I start co-sleeping with my cat? i swear to the Lord all mighty the dang thing is not in my bed at night but right next to me in the am ( she has to sleep touching you ) I do not even like sleeping in the same Bed as Manny let alone MINNIE . she is grumpy if i try to mover her so I sleep in a tiny edge space while DOMO (aka Manny ) & Minnie take up the whole dang bed !

3# why does everyone get their pantie's in a wade about Halloween "it is not safe to go door to door " they may put a razor in your apple " Or worse they may give out real candy Oh No " when I was younger not only did i go door to door like a Kerby vacuum salesmen but I loved it MY word check the candy & let your kids Live a little & PS .. KIDS hate getting Raisins !!!

#4 have you ever notice how on sites like myspace or Blogger you must stalk your friends or friends of friends. Facebook you have to be friends to see anything I guess that is too keep me & people like me so I guess i should just keep this button around all the time ! Just so you you know . Feel free to also post a button if you too are like me .


Angela Hill said...

Amen!!! I hate the halloween freak outs too. seriously, let your kids have a little fun. And here's a history lesson, the people putting razors and poison in the candy where related to the children they gave it to. If people don't like kids they'll probably just turn their lights off and not hand out candy!!!!

Just Jenn said...

What?!?! You take your kids door to door trick or treating??? Don't you know how dangerous that is? LOL Heck I encourage door to door trick or treating, you never know what kind of goodies people are handing out and that's the fun in trick or treating! I remember in Cali, long ago, there was a guy in my dad's old hood that cooked hot dogs, gave kids candy and soda and gave the parents beer! Now that's what I'm talkin bout! His house was THE house to stop at. I loved trick or treating! Heck I still do, that's why I got kids! LOL And those who don't like it, is it so hard to dump the candy out and go through it? The unwrapped candy goes in the trash just like when we were kids.

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